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If you are struggling to lose weight, there is a new weight-loss medication that could be the answer to your problems. Get in touch with us to discuss now.

Medication to help you lose weight fast

The most powerful prescription-only weight loss pen available through our Private Consultation Service. Quick, easy and effective.

Lose weight for good

Through the combination of powerful medication and professional support, you’re looking at an unbeatable weight loss service.

How do our Weight Loss Services work?

Begin your online consultation today and we'll be in touch with what options you have

We will advise and supply you with the right medicine to suit you

We'll support you on your weight loss journey and help your progress

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Powerful Weight Loss Clinic in Birmingham

Our specialist pharmacist will take you through a brief consultation where he will assess your needs. The consultation takes the form of a questionnaire. You will need to give information about your age, weight, and general health. Don’t worry – our service is discrete and all the information given is private and confidential.

Once we’re happy with everything, we’ll supply you with a course of Weight Management Pens or other weight loss medicines without the need for a prescription from your GP or a Private Doctor.

We’ll then be here for you as guidance and counseling along your weight loss journey.

Book an appointment today and we wish you all the success in the world.


Price match guarantee

We want to make your experience with us as worthwhile as possible for you. That’s why we operate a price match guarantee if you find cheaper Weight Loss pens or medication anywhere else in the City.


Our patients keep on coming back

What our patients say

“The Weight Management Pen has changed my life. In combination with the support of the Kings team, I’m happier and healthier than ever before”


“There is no other weight loss product like it. I tried everything. Weight watchers, slim fast, the lot. This is the only one that has dropped the pounds. “


“The Weight Management Pen and our weight loss clinic are helping so many people in Birmingham lose weight, for good. We love the results we see with our patients.”


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