Prescription Collection Service in Birmingham – Simple Innovation

Prescription Collection Service in Birmingham – Simple Innovation

  • Posted by Kings Pharmacy
  • December 17, 2018

We live in a world now ruled by convenience. We want to book online instead of call and wait on the phone. We want to conduct our banking through our smartphone and not have to go to the bank itself. And we want to look after our health as quickly as possible. And for the latter, it’s why Kings Pharmacy is evolving digitally too.

The evolution of digital health and mobile technology is making us adapt to your behavior. In this article, we explore our Prescription Collection Service in Birmingham and give you the advantages of using your local pharmacy over some of the bigger corporate organisations.

What is the prescription collection service?

Our prescription collection service (PCS) is a system where we collect or receive your prescription from the GP surgery on your behalf. We can also deliver your prescription to your door, usually within 24hrs of receiving your prescription.

How does our prescription collection service in Birmingham work?

It’s quite simple and it really doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

1.  You order your repeat prescription through our online prescription portal and request what items you need. If you haven’t signed up to our portal, you can do so here.

2. We will send the order to the GP surgery and collect your prescription, usually electronically via EPS, 48 hours later.

3. Once received, we will make up the prescription on the day for either you to collect from the pharmacy or to be delivered to your house or place of work. We will always get the patient to sign on receipt.

And that’s it. Simple yet effective.

What are the benefits of our PCS service?

In essence, the whole point of it is to save you valuable time and money. Like we mentioned before, we want convenience more than anything these days. That’s exactly what our collection service aims to deliver.

But, there are other advantages to using specifically our service.

  • By using our service, we’re importantly providing jobs for local people and not the big corps. Improving the local communitys’ health and well being extends further than just the healthcare.
  • We don’t rely on Royal Mail for delivering medicines, unlike others. We believe face-to-face care is the best form of care and that’s why we employ a local driver.
  • If you’re in need of an Emergency Prescription, we can deliver that on the day.
  • Because of our online prescription portal, we can send out reminder emails for you to reorder your next prescription.
  • We also use GPS tracking technology to understand where our driver is at all times.

Local pharmacy or big corp?

We know there are other services out there that claim to deliver your prescription within the hour. There is competition all around us and, to be fair, it’s good competition. We don’t want to berate other organisations, even if their marketing tactics are dubious to say the least (cough, cough, clears throat).

But, in reality, we offer the same service as online competition and the best thing is, we can provide the best of both worlds. There simply is no competition against face-to-face care, and because we’ve infused technology throughout our services to streamline as much as possible.

We know digital health is the future, but we also know robots can’t provide empathy.